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When it comes to getting braces, you know the end goal is a straighter, healthier smile. Still, the months it may take between the moment you have the brackets affixed to your teeth and the moment you experience the “big reveal” can feel frustrating. Sure, you’ve seen other people around you sporting some serious orthodontia, but it still feels like unchartered, uncomfortable territory. But consider this: When you commit to an improved grin with the help of your orthodontist, not only are you joining thousands of others who have taken a proactive approach to the wellbeing of their teeth, you’re actually in great company.

You may have seen in tabloid tales that celebrities are “just like us.” While that’s not 100% true (after all, you probably don’t get to demand a turquoise, 30-lb. bowl of peanut M&M’s with all the yellow ones removed on your bedside table every morning), celebrity smiles certainly do require a little help by way of orthodontia sometimes. Here are a few recognizable names to remind you that the pursuit of a pretty smile sometimes takes work for even the most glamorous of stars:


1.Faith Hill 

In 2013, fans were aghast when they realized that Faith Hill had added a not-so-subtle accessory to her black lace American Country Music Awards dress. The forty-something show-stopper had been outfitted with clear braces! While some might work to obscure the new orthodontia, Faith Hill wore her clear braces with pride. Perhaps it was the support from her family and friends, or maybe it’s simply because she knew the payoff would be SO worth it, but the country crooning beauty flashed the orthodontic addition like a true star all over the red carpet that evening.

2. Chris Rock

Long recognized by his distinct voice/volume during standup shows, Chris Rock once exhibited a gap between his two front teeth recognizable enough that it was practically a trademark. While Chris Rock’s hilarious bits far overshadowed whatever teeth situation he happened to have, he clearly felt the need to correct the imperfection in his smile.

3. Gwen Stefani 

In the early 2000s, Gwen Stefani was rocking pink hair and singing about heartbreak and bathwater as No Doubt’s front woman on the album “The Return of Saturn.” And before you knew her for her ultra-chic style and banter with Blake Shelton on and off The Voice, Gwen did—in fact—rock a mouth full of metal. She claimed that her experience with braces was based on want rather than need (she said she’d always wanted them and could finally afford them!), but whatever the reason behind her orthodontia, it’s undeniable that this trendsetter made her brackets into a true fashion statement.

4. Justin Bieber 

That’s right: Even the Biebs had a bout with orthodontia. Before he spit classic lines like, “My momma don’t like you and she likes everyone,” Justin Bieber was filmed on his YouTube channel having to spit his Invisalign out before singing. He notes in old school video that he “might lisp” because of the clear retainer. It turns out that even trouble-making pop stars have to contend with a bit of strange talking when wearing orthodontic appliances.

5. Presidential daughters

What could be more of a ringing endorsement for orthodontia than the leader of the free world’s daughter having to wear teeth-correcting technology? It would seem that even the first daughter has a bit of trouble with an underbite. Chelsea Clinton, Malia Obama, and Tiffany Trump all utilized orthodontia to make their smiles a bit more executive. After all, a winning smile from his daughter in the audience might just put the ol’ Presidential Pops at ease during a big speech!

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