A forever kind of smile

At Birmingham Orthodontics, our patients are like family. We take great pride in getting graduation photos, holiday cards, and wedding pictures from our current and former patients. Not just because we love seeing them in their happiest moments, but because with each, we get to see those beautiful smiles we helped to create.

Which is why we started our Lifetime Smile Guarantee program. If for any reason (like a child who’s less-than-consistent at wearing their retainer), you’re not happy with your smile, then we’ll fix it at a substantial discount! It’s just another way Birmingham Orthodontics is helping all of our current, former, and future patients smile more!

Benefits of our Lifetime Smile Guarantee:

→ No initial cost for placing or removing braces

50% discount on purchasing new retainers

Expedited process

Full details of the program will be made available at your initial consultation.



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If for any reason you’re not happy with your smile, then we’ll fix it at a substantial discount!

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