Our mission is simple: create smiles

Before founding Birmingham Orthodontics, Dr. McCarthy received his orthodontics training during his decade serving in the US Army. His service instilled a deep passion for helping others, which is why he built Birmingham Orthodontics with the mission to create more smiles. We do this by providing a warm, caring environment, affordable services, and above all, great clinical outcomes.

We believe that everyone – patients and parents – should leave our office with a smile. When you visit us, you’ll find that we have the skill and passion to bring out your inner smile.

How We Create Smiles


We’re a relationship company, and since we are a part of your life for a number of months, we want you to enjoy a good fit.


We have been caring for patients for more than 20 years, are led by a board certified orthodontist, and are nationally recognized for our care – you will receive the best.


We respect our patients’ time and budget. It is our top priority to save you time and money by accurately predicting and planning the appropriate course of treatment.


We generously invest in our patients, our people, and our community because we’re blessed with success.

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