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our mission


To understand how Birmingham Orthodontics became what it is today— a multi-doctor practice with 60 employees spread across 4 locations—you have to go back to the beginning.

While serving his country in the United States Army, our founder, Dr. McCarthy, was searching for quality orthodontic treatment for his daughter. To his dismay, he soon discovered that because of high treatment prices and the lack of available financial options (options like no-down payment, lower monthly payments, and interest-free financing), orthodontic procedures were basically unaffordable to most people on military salaries. It was then that Dr. McCarthy decided to dedicate his life toward opening and managing an orthodontic practice with one simple goal—to make getting a better smile affordable to everyone. Or, in simpler terms—to help his community smile more.


Our mission has remained unchanged since first opening our doors—to provide affordable orthodontic treatment while never sacrificing quality. We believe that anyone who comes in—patients and parents—should leave our office with a smile. One visit and you’ll quickly see how serious we are about this mission—working every day to fulfill it through expertise and passion and doing it all with smiles on our faces.



We’re a relationship company, and since we are a part of your life for a number of months, we want you to enjoy a good fit.


We have been caring for patients for more than 20 years, are led by a board-certified orthodontist, and are nationally recognized for our care – you will receive the best.


We respect our patients’ time and budget. It is our top priority to save you time and money by accurately predicting and planning the appropriate course of treatment.


We generously invest in our patients, our people, and our community because we’re blessed with success.