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Most people dread talking about money, but we enjoy helping you discover the best way to finance your course of treatment. We make the process straightforward, so that you can make the best decision for you and your family.

At your free consultation, our team will outline the total cost of treatment as well as your monthly costs. You will not only leave with a clear financial plan, but also the peace of mind that your rate is affordable with no hidden costs.

We do not charge a flat rate for braces because the cost varies depending on the type and length of treatment; this prevents you from paying any excess fees.



No Down Payment

If you meet the requirements, we have a no-down-payment option available. To be a qualified applicant you must have a full-time job* and an account (credit or checking) where you can set up your automatic/recurring monthly payment. Proof of employment might be required.

If you do not qualify for our no-down-payment offering, no worries! We have several other payment options that can work for you, including several interest-free plans.

*If you have unique circumstances related to your employment status then please explain them to us at your consultation.

Interest Free In-House Financing

From lower costs, to never charging interest, even if you make a late payment, our interest-free in-house financing plan is just another way Birmingham Orthodontics is making new smiles more affordable.

Patient Appreciation Discounts

To further our mission of making new smiles more affordable, we also offer several special discounts to those who qualify.

Paid in-Full Discount: Receive a discount for paying for the entire course of treatment in the first 30 days.

 Family Discount: Enjoy lower costs for each additional member of your family that receives treatment.

 Get Started for $129: If you would like to begin treatment at your consultation, we can get you started for $129!

 We accept payments from your Flexible Spending Accounts or Health Savings accounts, as well as checking and credit cards. You can also pay in cash!

Bi-monthly Payment:

To give our patients more control over their payments, we now offer bi-monthly payment plans. This new plan allows you to split your monthly payment in half, and gives you the freedom to pick your payment dates.

Youth Savings Program:

Our Youth Savings Program gives you a risk-free way to lock-in current treatment rates and gain more control over your payments—all to better fit your budget. It’s just another way Birmingham Orthodontics works with you to make getting that perfect smile easier than ever. Click here to learn more about our Youth Savings Program.



Access your account balance, make online payments, and view your scheduled appointments in one place.

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