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I was a braces skeptic. I didn’t want them, and honestly, they hurt the first week. But I had no idea what an impact they would have on my life. My name is Eli D and braces are changing my life. I am an actor, and looking older than I am, I had already missed out on some roles. I was afraid that braces would make the problem worse, but the helpful staff at Birmingham Orthodontics gave me the option of clear braces. Not only did the clear braces look better in my opinion, and having them helped me achieve the part of an old man (an old man without braces!) in a recent play! Braces also helped straighten out my teeth, which helped decrease the possibility damaging my front teeth. I have only had braces since November, so I am still new to the process but so far it has been as enjoyable as possible. With a great staff and family friendly atmosphere, I couldn’t imagine going through this process. Thank you braces, for changing my life.

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