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Abby got her bottom braces on last Thursday and I just want to tell you how pleased we are with Bham Smile Ortho staff. Each visit there we have been greeted and treated so nicely. Hardly ever a wait and If there is one(only once) they are very sorry. We live in Gadsden and I can tell you we are very happy we choose to come here. Wanted to say also we had Lori Yofin as our assistant,she was so calming and really in tune with Abby telling her what to expect. She introduced us to the new Drs that we had not seen and really was a wonderful friendly tech. I havent met any staff member that wasnt. If you want to know why people travel so far for braces, its because of great experiences and I will be referring as many as I can that are needing your services. Thank you for making our trips worth it.

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