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Trying to convince your child or teen about the importance of straight teeth can be a challenge. The first thing that goes through their mind when the subject of the orthodontist comes up is the inconvenience of braces. While this may have been true in the past, the technology and design of braces have changed over the years to be more comfortable and less obvious.

When discussing the importance of straight teeth, there are many reasons you can share with your child as to why orthodontic care is important to their well-being. Birmingham Orthodontics offers you a list of the top reasons straight teeth are important for you and your family.


The most obvious reason to correct one’s teeth is the appearance. While children may play this off as a non-issue, the fact is that having a beautiful smile increases self-confidence; which is something every child needs. Taking the time to correct an overbite or crooked teeth early on can lay the foundation for a confident teen or adult.


Straight teeth are easier to care for and as a result, they have fewer cavities and other dental problems. For the child that dreads going to the dentist, this could be a great motivator. With a mouth full of straight teeth, children and teens can brush and floss better and cut down on the amount of time they spend in the dentist’s office for procedures like fillings.


It is a proven fact that people who take good care of their teeth (brush and floss daily) live an average of 7 years longer than others. Moving ahead with braces can improve their overall oral care which can, in turn, add years to their life.


When teeth are properly aligned they are stronger than teeth that are out of place. For instance, children with “buck teeth” are more likely to break or damage teeth during a fall or sporting accident than children with properly positioned teeth. Braces will not only improve the appearance and health of one’s teeth, but strengthen them as well, by placing them in proper alignment.
Sharing these important reasons for straight teeth is Birmingham Orthodontics way of helping you talk to your child about braces. Talking with your children about the importance of straight teeth can help alleviate any anxiety or social concerns they may have about braces. Seeing braces as a tool for better health and an investment in their future may lighten their resistance to the process.

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