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Take a moment to think about how much your mom has done for you. It’s a lot, isn’t it? Especially when it comes to your smile—she’s taught you how to take great care of your teeth and encouraged you to do it (even when you really didn’t want to), she’s taken you to your orthodontist appointments and talked you through your fears and doubts along the path to the perfect smile. And even if you were an adult when you embarked on your orthodontic journey, she’s supported and helped you all along. Make sure you let Mom know how thankful you are this Mother’s Day with some of these fun ideas that are sure to make her smile, too.

Family Photo Shoot

What better way to thank your mom for your brand new smile than by showing it off? Whether you have a professional photographer or a makeshift tripod, make the effort to get the family together for a nice picture. If you frame it, she’ll have a treasure she can always turn to and evidence that her investment in your pearly whites was worth it to both of you.

At-Home Spa Day

There are tons of creative ways to treat Mom to a spa day in the comfort of her own home (where she doesn’t even have to change out of her PJs!). One fun favorite is this foot soak you can make with mouthwash. Put 1 cup of your favorite mouthwash, 1 cup of vinegar, and 2 cups of warm water in a tub or basin. Mom can soak her feet for 20 minutes to feel refreshed and pampered, and in the meantime you can make her some lemon water or get to work on the next spa station—whatever will help her relax!

(Real) Quality Time

Your mom has spent a lot of her time helping you out, taking you to appointments, and helping you adjust to life with orthodontia. So why not take some of your time to learn about her hobbies and interests? Does she know just as many football stats as the announcers? Does she spend every spare moment outside in the garden? Does she read or listen to music? Find out her favorite things, then find a way to appreciate them together. She’ll love spending that special time with you outside of the routine.

Just as every individual smile is unique, so is every mom. Show her how much you care with one of these personalized gestures or use them to get ideas of your own. Happy Mother’s Day!


At Birmingham Orthodontics, our mission is simple:  we create smiles.  Not only do we straighten the crooked grin, fix the bite, and adjust the jaw, we also brighten yearbooks, help young people come to like their looks, and give adults the confidence they have wanted for a long, long time.  We also believe in our staff. Our culture of continuous learning has allowed us to host monthly training sessions for each team and bring in leading industry consultants to help keep us ahead of the curve.  Contact us for a free consultation, or any questions you might have.

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