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Most of the posts here on our blog offer helpful braces tips or information that helps you decide among different treatment options. This post is a little bit different. We want to pull back the curtain and share a bit about our business. It’s important to know the values of your medical professionals and the companies you do business with, and we want to share ours with you.


Birmingham Orthodontics was founded 25 years ago, and we’ve had one mission since then: to provide great clinical outcomes through affordable services in a warm and caring environment. You may have seen our company mission here on our website, along with our six core values: be appreciative, be positive, be productive, be open, be selfless and serving, and be kind.


We believe in paying it forward, and we empower our team members to pay it forward to their family and friends and to society. We provide paid time off for team members to volunteer with non-profit organizations. We take personality tests in order to learn each other’s strengths and how to support each other at work. We’ve even taken that a step further, inviting team members’ spouses to take the test and learn how best to relate at home.


Recently our leadership decided to create a formal vision for how we teach and encourage our core values. We are approaching different topics and themes, focusing on health & wellness, volunteerism, financial health, charitable giving, and a few others that we’ve identified as key factors in living a fulfilled life. Previously, our internal culture calendars featured a different core value every month. With this new shift, we will instead be exploring a distinct piece of our vision each month. Topic by topic, we provide practical suggestions for how to navigate and thrive within them.


Here’s a look at the chart we’re working our way through:

culture at birmingham

We spend time outside of office hours each month with meetings, outings and exercises alongside experts in the topics above. Each session is designed to provide practical steps to strengthen the approach to life’s opportunities and challenges. The entire Birmingham Orthodontics team—our clinical assistants, orthodontists, and support team at all of our locations takes part.


This personal development program is a complement to the professional development that our team participates in. Professional development requires taking classes in order to maintain credentials and stay current with the most advanced techniques in our industry. Professional and personal development are very important, and we have seen the difference that both make in the lives of our team members. Results that we hope our patients will notice are treatment and service from a well-rounded team that’s confident and happy at work. They are eager to go above and beyond for our patients.


The goal of our practice has always been to create lasting smiles, but our mission is much broader. At Birmingham Orthodontics, we measure our success by the value that we add to the lives of our employees as well as our patients. Our company is stronger because it’s a collective whole coming together to serve our patients.

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