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You may not think it, but a smile is a powerful thing. From psychological benefits like confidence, to boosting overall health, a great smile can affect many different aspects of your life. It can even affect how much money you’ll make over the course of your career! Of course, with great power, comes great benefits. Check out our list of the four main benefits of having a straight smile.

Straight Smile Benefit #1: Confidence

There are few things in life more obvious than genuine confidence. And there are few things in life that can give you that confidence better than a beautiful and straight smile. Just think about it. You’ll be at a coffee shop or restaurant when someone walks in like they know exactly what they want and are just as sure they can get it. In other words, bursting with confidence. Now try this. The next time you see someone like that, take a quick mental note of their mannerisms. You’ll more than likely notice that people like that are often quick to share their smile.

On the other hand, people who are insecure about their smile tend to, you guessed it, smile a lot less. Insecurity about one’s smile can also cause them to cover or stifle a laugh, and even talk less. All of these things combine to create an aura that is opposite of what most would consider a confident person.

So, just remember this: having straight teeth makes you smile more, and smiling more gives you more confidence! Or, since we happen to specialize in creating straight teeth, you could simplify it by saying: Smile More with Birmingham Orthodontics.


Straight Smile Benefit #2: First Impressions

At some point in your life, you’ve probably heard the expression, “A good first impression goes a long way.” And, like most expressions, it’s rooted in truth. Basically, this expression means that first impressions leave a lasting impression, and it’s pretty much a universally-agreed upon truth.

So, just how does one go about improving their first impression? While there are many contributing factors ranging from appearance and posture, to hand-shake and voice, there’s one area in particular that holds the greatest importance—your smile. That’s right! Studies have shown that your smile is often the very first thing people notice about you. And it doesn’t take long for others to notice. Within just 50 milliseconds of seeing someone’s face, a person will unconsciously make decisions that will influence their interactions. This lends further proof to the expression we mentioned above, because even in such a short time frame, a great smile can go a long way too.


Straight Smile Benefit #3: Health & Wellness

It’s unfortunate, but many of us don’t often think of our teeth as it relates to our overall health. But the truth is, your teeth are a critical component to living a healthy lifestyle. While other benefits on this list deal with external issues like appearances, and psychological issues like confidence, there’s another benefit to having straight teeth that is arguably the most important one—good health! Check out some of the health benefits below to see how straight teeth can lead you straight to better health.

Health Benefit #1 Oral Health

It’s no secret that consistently brushing and flossing are the keys to better oral health. But what does that have to do with straight teeth? When teeth are misaligned, it’s often because some teeth are too far apart, while others are too close together. When it’s the latter, it makes it extremely difficult to get in-between those teeth with either a toothbrush or floss, all of which can lead to gingivitis, cavities, and gum disease.

Health Benefit #2 Digestion

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, but when your teeth are misaligned, so is your bite. When we’re not able to bite properly, it can make it difficult to chew food properly before swallowing, and can lead to unnecessary strain on your digestive system. However, chewing with a proper bite from straight teeth ensures that food is broken down properly and more easily digested.

Health Benefit #3 Speech

It’s a pretty simple formula: properly aligned teeth give your jaw, mouth, and tongue the space they need to form words correctly. Just remember: Straight Teeth = Straight Talk!


Straight Teeth Benefit #4: Career Success

We’ve already talked about how a straighter smile can lead to more confidence, a good first impression, and better health, but what do all of these things have to do with your career? Everything! With the confidence that comes from a straight smile, you may be more inclined to network more and finally get that interview you’re after. That’s when a great first impression really goes a long way. And when you’re able to show you can take care of yourself, it shows a greater level of discipline and responsibility. All of these benefits on their own can help you succeed, but when combined, you’ll be smiling the whole way as you climb the ladder.

Of course, these aren’t guesses either. Research has shown that those who have straighter smiles can earn 5-10% more a year than those with misaligned teeth. With numbers like that, you can start to understand why we refer to getting braces as an investment!

Start Reaping those Benefits Today!

Ok, let’s see… Greater first impressions, more confidence, better health, and a more successful career? Where do I sign? Well, we’re glad you asked. If you’ve made the choice to have Birmingham Orthodontics give you a perfect smile, and all the wonderful benefits we’ve discussed that come with it, the only thing left to do is to schedule your first appointment. During your free consultation, our doctors will spend time answering any further questions you or your child have about orthodontic treatment. We’ll even go over several affordable payment options and financing plans to ensure that you feel comfortable pursuing treatment. Choose from our four convenient locations around Birmingham including Trussville, Alabaster, Hoover and Greystone and schedule your free consultation today. We want everyone to have the smile, and the benefits, they deserve.

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At Birmingham Orthodontics, our mission is simple: we create smiles. Not only do we straighten the crooked grin, fix the bite, and adjust the jaw, we brighten yearbooks, and instill confidence. We also believe in our staff. Our culture of continuous learning drives us to host monthly training sessions for each team and bring in leading industry consultants to help keep us ahead of the curve. Contact us for a free consultation, or with any questions you might have.

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