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There’s a chill in the air, the leaves are changing colors, holiday music is beginning to swell all around us. It’s finally that special time of year, when we gather our loved ones close around the fire and… think about open enrollment in insurance plans? Yes, while the main focus of this lovely season is family and festivity, many of us will also be renewing our insurance coverage or considering new options this time of year. If you’re considering braces for the New Year, one question you might ask yourself as you begin this process is: Will insurance pay for my braces?

At Birmingham Orthodontics we’re happy to work with a wide range of providers. We do ask, however, that before your first visit with us you call and ask your insurance provider a few questions to make sure you’re covered for braces.

Question 1: Is Birmingham Orthodontics in My Network?

The first thing to make sure of is whether Birmingham Orthodontics is considered “In-Network” for your plan. Many providers also offer online databases where you can search for practices by name. Check the “insurance” section of our website for a list of insurers that we work with—it’s quite extensive!

Question 2: Do I Have Orthodontic Coverage?

Unfortunately, dental coverage does not necessarily mean orthodontic coverage. Orthodontics usually come as an add-on benefit and are not included in basic dental packages. When shopping for plans, make sure this is something you look out for if you’re interested in braces! Additionally, most plans that do cover orthodontic treatment come with a lifetime maximum coverage cost—be sure to ask what this maximum is and how much of it you have remaining.

Question 3: Is There a Waiting Period?

Sometimes dental insurance plans require waiting periods before coverage will begin. These waiting periods can be anywhere from 180 to 365 days. This may sound daunting, but it’s better to go ahead and get coverage now if you know you or your child will need braces soon. That way, when the right time comes you won’t be left in the lurch waiting to become eligible.

Question 4: Is There an Age Limit for Benefits?

Often, orthodontic coverage only applies to persons under 18 (or sometimes 19, in the case of Alabama). If you are mainly concerned with getting braces for your child, this may not be as big of an issue for you. However, if you’re an adult looking to improve your smile, this may definitely be a factor.

Once you’ve gathered this information, walking through the process with you on your first visit will be a breeze. We will file the insurance claim the day that your braces are placed (which could, of course, be your first visit if you choose!). After that, payments you make are applied to the contract, and we process patient refunds twice per month.

Of course, if you find that any of the answers to the questions above mean that your insurance won’t pay for your braces, or if you don’t have insurance at all, not to worry. We are dedicated to crafting the most affordable treatment plans for all of our patients, most of whom do not have insurance. We can even look into becoming a provider for your plan if it is not listed! To get started and find out how you, too, can afford braces, call us for a free consultation today!

At Birmingham Orthodontics, our mission is simple:  we create smiles.  Not only do we straighten the crooked grin, fix the bite, and adjust the jaw, we also brighten yearbooks, help young people come to like their looks, and give adults the confidence they have wanted for a long, long time.  We also believe in our staff. Our culture of continuous learning has allowed us to host monthly training sessions for each team and bring in leading industry consultants to help keep us ahead of the curve.  Contact us for a free consultation, or any questions you might have.

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