Smiles for Teens

A confident smile can have a huge impact on one’s future, so think about investing in who your teen will become.

A bright, bold smile can give your teen confidence that spills over to all areas of their life. Research tells us that if you get braces as a teenager, you have the potential to earn an extra $250k over the course of your career, not to mention the intangible value of confidence in relationships and school. At Birmingham Orthodontics, one of our greatest joys is creating a positive environment for teens to grow and discover their inner smile. We offer a thorough examination valued at $249 for free – braces are an investment in your teen’s future so it’s important to explore your options before taking the leap.

The next step is scheduling your consultation. During your first visit, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, meet with our financial consultant, see the orthodontist, and receive x-rays all completely free of charge. It’s our gift to you. If you choose to move forward with braces, we map out a plan that suits your teen’s exact needs. Teen patients (and teen parents) have a lot going on so we maximize every bit of time that we have together. With appointments every 7 weeks (about 3-4 appointments during the school year) versus 3 or 4, your teen enjoys more uninterrupted school, study, and social time.

The teen years are one of the most popular times to get braces so your teen will most likely fit right in with their peers. Our teen patients express themselves by picking out colored rubber bands often in their favorite sports team colors or whatever colors that suit their fancy. While we have multiple treatment options available, teen patients often prefer traditional metal brackets because they can have fun personalizing them.


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I would like to thank EVERYONE at Birmingham Orthodontics for making my smile beautiful!!
Angela D.
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