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As the year comes to a close and the holidays have us focused on generosity of spirit, we want to elaborate on one of the founding principles of our company: Pay it Forward.

We’ve mentioned it in posts before, both when we shared how our company was founded and about the type of culture we work to develop for our employees. Cultivating a group of people who are passionate about their jobs and passionate about life—that’s our recipe for a thriving practice. Our aim is to provide the tools to help our team excel. We are intentional about what “paying it forward” looks like at Birmingham Orthodontics. We pay it forward to our team, to their families and to the community.


We work to create an environment where our team members feel supported and encouraged to do their best work. Team members at each Birmingham Orthodontics location take assessments designed to reveal their professional and personal strengths.

Professionals interpret and explain the results of those assessments for us. Clarity on how to apply the findings is as important as the testing. We share these findings of the professional assessments with the team. We want to equip coworkers to understand how best to work together. We all have different talents and abilities, just as we all have weaknesses. Understanding that and knowing how to apply it helps us play to everyone’s strengths.

Since our company was founded 25 years ago, it’s held to four core values: relationships, excellence, respect and generosity. Our entire team meets each month, and our leadership fosters those company values through sessions and exercises focused on particular topics. The people who help you finance your braces, those you see during check-ups and the ones you schedule your next appointment with—we all gather together for personal and professional development.

From building leadership skills and strengthening relationships to prioritizing volunteerism and charitable giving, these sessions equip each of us as individuals to thrive. Click here to learn more about the themes we’ve been reviewing and learning how to apply as a team.


A happy, contented person makes a happy, contented team player. We are all people first, employees second. Birmingham Orthodontics’ approach to professional development and team building begins with personal development.

When we provide personal assessments for the team, we invite their spouses to take the same tests. We want to foster happy, thriving families for our employees. Knowing each other’s strengths as husbands and wives or as parents can instill greater confidence, foster open communication and help people set better expectations for themselves, their friends and their family members.


Our patients are our immediate community. We are involved in area non-profits and schools that serve our patients. We give back because it’s the right thing to do, and as a way of showing appreciation to those who have trusted us with their smile. We live and work where you live and work, so this investment benefits us all.

We provide paid time off for team members to volunteer with non-profit organizations in our communities. Because we emphasize that it’s important to give back to the community, we want to come alongside our team and provide some of the time they’ll need to do that. They’re investing their time and care, and we want to support that investment. We work with non-profits of various types that serve different segments of the community. Employees pick the group that they best connect with to make that investment of time.

Quite simply, we think we can make our world a better place. It’s not a lofty goal if you set out with actionable steps. We work in concentric circles, first creating an environment of learning and growth for our team. Our aim is for that environment to help them create an even better family environment. And we all work together to have impact on our local communities.

Our focus is on providing quality patient care. Birmingham Orthodontics will always use the latest technology under the leadership of a board-certified orthodontist, but quality care starts before that and it goes even further. It happens on a one-to-one level with confident, well rounded team members who are all working together for the success of your treatment and for the success of the greater team.


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