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We are so happy that you are considering us for your treatment. We would love to meet you and we want your first visit to be a great one. To make sure that happens, we start by listening because frankly, you and your goals matter most to us. After evaluating your individual case, we carefully craft a customized plan to meet your exact needs. An initial visit usually requires 30 minutes, but we never want you to feel rushed. We are always happy to take more time if needed for any questions or other needs you may have. We’ll also consider your orthodontic financing options upon your first visit.


X-Ray and Digital Photography

Examination by Orthodontist

Financial Consultation

Beginning Treatment

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X-Ray and Digital Photography

During your consultation we will get an X-Ray of your smile so we can provide the best possible advice for treatment. It’s completely painless and as simple as saying, “Ahh.”

Examination by Orthodontist

During your consultation, yes, you’ll see a doctor on your free visit! We are led by a board certified orthodontist so you can smile knowing you are in great hands. During your examination, we will explain the best recommended course of treatment, welcoming any and all questions.

Financial Consultation

No worries here. When people need braces, we do not want them to be stressed by the expense. This is why we offer braces without down payments. It is why we offer in-house, interest free financing. It’s why we set our prices lower, based upon our business costs and patient volume, rather than basing the price on what other doctors charge. We understand your needs, so it’s easy for our team to find the best payment plan for you.

Beginning Treatment

Investing in a smile is an expense you will never regret – it will make a far greater impact on your life than anything else.  If you choose to begin treatment at your initial consultation, you’ll receive a 50% discount off your initial records, a $129 savings. But there is no rush. We want you to choose the best option for you and your family. We aren’t going anywhere!

Before we meet

Help us help you by taking care of a few small details.

New Patient Forms

You can submit new patient paperwork in advance from our website or arrive 10 minutes early and we’ll be happy to help.
Download new patient forms.


If you begin treatment, our office will need to copy the driver’s license of the person financially responsible.


Please check the status of your orthodontic coverage so that we will be able to give you a complete financial assessment. Only about 25% of our patients have insurance, so if you don’t have insurance, no problem.



Access your account balance, make online payments, and view your scheduled appointments in one place.

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If for any reason you’re not happy with your smile, then we’ll fix it at a substantial discount!

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