September 15th, 2019

How to Find The Best Orthodontist Near You
6 Min Read

An estimated 4 million kids and adults in the US are now wearing braces—a number that’s nearly doubled in the past 30 years. But while braces are now commonplace, you’ll still be faced with a serious challenge after deciding to get braces—how to choose an orthodontist. Why all the fuss? Aren’t all orthodontist offices pretty […]

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February 1st, 2016
2 Min Read

The History of Braces

We modern people tend to think that we invented everything. We picture that long ago people lived until they were only 35 years old and had intractable medical and dental conditions. Well, it might be surprising, but even ancient people worked to get that perfect smile and flawless bite. In fact, the history of braces […]

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